So What is the Plan?

We want out and we have a plan!

Our spare time and holidays normally evolve around walking, which means as a couple we have a lot of time to discuss things. we find this allows us so stay connected and also discuss the tribal and the quite plain stupid (like what would happen if a hell- cat engine was put in a mini ?!) Last summer on our annual holiday to Dorset we got talking..... and we did a lot of talking! 

One particular walk, we took the steam train from Swanage to Corfe Castle and walked back. I don't think many people choose this option as the lady in the ticket booth looked a bit bemused when I asked if we could have two singles. Mr SC decided we should walk back the scenic route along the coast. It was baking hot so I was wearing the floppy hat again, but on this walk we mapped out what we wanted our future to be. The six hour (!) walk gave us plenty of time to discuss what really matters to us. We confessed to each other we weren't as happy as we 'should' be and our life didn't really feel our own. we had done all the things a couple like us should do but it really didn't feel that this mould fits us. gradually over the coming months we started making firm plans for a lifestyle change. 

Suburban crofter
I don't have a photo of Corfe Castle due to a camera mis-hap here's Lyme Regis instead

Our plan is:

  • Reduce our debt to £0 except our mortgage.
We currently have some credit card debt, a car finance and my student loan. We have already paid off some finance for home improvements and other car finance this year.

  • Reduce our consumption
No longer are we buying stuff to make us happy. It just does not work.

  • Sell our existing home 
To reach financial independence we need to reduce our mortgage debt and overheads associated with the house. A 33 year mortgage term is just no fun. 

  • Buy a property in a rural area 
Coastal Devon is expensive and frequently is on the top ten lists for most expensive areas in the UK to buy compared to local salaries. We would like to move in-land where it is quieter and cheaper. 

  • Invest our money into our pensions and set up index funds.
This will give us the best returns for our money once our debt is cleared. Going by quick back of the napkin figures we believe we will be financially independent in 8-10 years. 

This will enable us to:

  • Work part time
I don't want to give up my job - I just don't want to do it all week!
  • Set up a small holding 
My current passion to combine my love of growing veg, sewing, cooking and making into a tangible long term project to be self sustainable. P.S. I really fancy getting a brood of chickens. 
  • Work on projects which interest us 
I know Mr SC has a thing for old cars. Maybe too many hours spent watching Wheeler-dealers.
  • Lead an independent life 
Not just in terms of financial independence,  but the ability to be self sustainable and to just do what we want to do. 


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